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    Primutech® is an integrated engineering, consulting and commissioning firm offering a multitude of highly sophisticated solutions including power, telecommunications, security, office automation, Datacom, networking, and bespoke software development. Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, with representations in the UK and the USA, its flagship products are known as Primutech Superior Oil & Fuel Filtration systems (short: Primutech Systems) which offer an extended protection to all types of Diesel Generators, Burners and Heating Systems and clearly increase DG oil service interval from the standard 250 hours to more than 1000 hours. The system also regulates the diesel fuel flow and visibly reduces its consumption by up to 40% on large units while keeping fuel pumps and injectors protected from premature breakdowns. Machines equipped with Primutech Systems at their early stages observe an extra lifespan between 25‐100%.