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    Primutech Systems® (please click here to watch the video), proven technology that offers an unmatched optimization and protection solution for any type/brand of diesel generators without interfering in their mechanical, electrical or functional configuration. The systems are installed in-line with the bulk fuel tank and act as complete and permanent shields against fuel bacteria and contaminates that are impossible to remove with the 30 micron OEM filters. Primutech Systems remove such bacteria and contaminates as tiny as 0.98 micron in size, that’s 30 times better and more effective than any OEM filter. Your Genset might have already experienced one or several of the following symptoms:

    • Premature engine shutdown
    • Fuel pump breakdown
    • Fuel injector breakdown
    • Corroded, pitted injectors
    • Excessive smoke
    • Loss of power or RPM
    • Foul odor
    • Clogged and slimy filters
    • Dark, hazy fuel
    • Floating debris
    • Sludge build

    If none of the above symptoms have emerged as yet, then you should act quickly before your engine falls into serious trouble. A very large number of all the Diesel Generator engines on the market fail to reach 50% of their expected service life before a major breakdown occurs. The cost of repair can be extremely devastating and you will make the service provider and OEM manufacturer undoubtedly pleased to serve you. Alternatively, you can give us a call immediately for a completely free consultation to show you how our unique solution would provide you with all the benefits including but not limited to the followings:

    • Reduce service and maintenance cost by more than 95%
    • Reduce oil and OEM filters service up to 90%
    • Reduce fuel consumption up to 40%
    • Expand engine and components lifespan in particular fuel injectors, nozzles and fuel pump between 25-100%
    • Reduce CO2, SO2 and NOx emissions footprint
    • Eliminate fuel-related pumps and injectors breakdowns
    • Reduce equipment overall OPEX

    Our unique solution is virtually maintenance free and does not require continuous interventions besides replacing cartridges every 2000 run hours on average. This is relatively cheaper than the average cost of any  fuel pump, and can be re-deployed on new Gensets for many years ahead.

    For more information or free consultation please call +961 5 811 013 or +961 71 148 146.