About us


Headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon, Primutech is an engineering firm offering high end solutions and services in Telecommunications, Power, Security, Office Automation, Datacom, Networking, and Bespoke Software Development. Primutech has also developed its flagship product known as Primutech Superior Oil & Fuel Filtration system (short: Primutech System) which offers an extended protection to all types of Diesel Generators, Burners and Heating Systems. Primutech Systems have been deployed within Telco Operators and other industries. The systems also regulate the diesel fuel flow and visibly reduces its consumption by up to 40% on large units while keeping fuel pumps and injectors protected from premature breakdowns.

Vision Statement

  To be one of the leading regional companies known for services, trust and innovative solutions in Telecom, Power, ICT Networking, and Security Solutions.

Mission Statement

To be the first choice of stakeholders by providing desired solutions and services in the above respective fields. 

– To introduce innovative solutions in Power, Telecom, ICT, Diesel Engines Optimization, and Security industries at regional and international scales.

– To promote Research and contribute into the development of innovative solutions in Nano Technologies, Power Optimization, and Networking.