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    The Telecommunications Division accounts for more than 60% of Primutech global business portfolio offering turnkey solutions to operators and vendors in the following areas of expertise:
    – Satellite communication
    – Terrestrial and Wireless systems
    – Indoor Building Systems (IBS)
    – Fiber Optics
    – Mobile Broadband

    Primutech offers full Projects Management, network design, site survey, vendor selection, telecoms implementation, Civil Works, O&M and Managed Services. Furthermore, Primutech international network of telecommunications experts and consultants are very well positioned to establish strong foothold for any incumbent operator promptly, especially in Africa, Far East and the Middle East, to include license acquisition, operations, and management.

    Primutech relies on its exclusive infrastructures partner BEC in the execution of all its telecommunications projects. BEC highly skilled technical teams have been fully trained and certified to meet the international telecommunications standards. BEC is an independent entity that was established in Lebanon in the early 1990s with focus on the mobile telecommunications turnkey services.